Heart-Warming! Heroic Texans V Gaystapo Brain-Wash!

We’ve mentioned Mass Resistance before and it’s nice to know they’re active in the UK too nowadays…

UK, Like USA, Needs Mass Resistance To Gaystapo Evil! 

…but this latest report on how they teamed up with concerned parents and fought back against vile ‘gay’ propaganda…



…deliberately aimed at school-children, which was polluting a Texas public library, is well worth a read.


The Temple, Texas Public Library


I provide the link  –  http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/17d/MR-TX-Temple-Library/index.html

– because it’s a fairly comprehensive account of the fight-back and besides the pleasure of reading about the brave parents, it could give you some useful ideas on how to organise similar resistance activity in your on communities.



Yet what’s notable is how the uppity ‘head librarian,’ who presumably draws her salary from citizens’ pockets, appears to think she can ride rough-shod over the decent values espoused by those same citizens.

Despite the public anger, the pinko bureaucrat has declared that she would not back down on promoting the LGBT agenda to children in the future. 

She needs to be dismissed.

Her high-handed pro-homo shrilling was a response to this very reasonable assertion by one protester, summing up the problem.

It undermines parents’ efforts to raise children with their values. At the very least, he told them, the library should have an opposing view right next to it.

And the local Library Board in Temple, Texas, seem to be a real klutz-clique, indifferent to their duty to prevent children’s minds being poisoned.



Another useful move would be to replace them with some folks interested in children’s moral, mental and physical welfare!

– see the new book from Mass Resistance.

Hasil gambar untuk mass resistance health hazards book

 http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/17c/Health-Book-reviews/index.html   –

Please read the linked report and savour the story of how some good Americans took a stand against decadence.