UK? US? EU? YOUR Taxes Fund Attack-Dog Propaganda!

Big shock-horror story in the Guardian, about a rival part of the media, RT, formerly Russia Today, classed by the US government last week as a Kremlin propaganda vehicle.

Propaganda vehicle?

And how, pray, do those omniscient US Government attack-dogs think of CNN…

…which is almost unwatchable by now, so much of its time spent on venting fury at the (as yet unidentified) heroes who gave American voters the info they needed about Democrat emails,dirty tricks perpetrated by the Clinton Cash clique?


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Trump? Putin? The Villains Are The Democrats! 

Or take a look at the British Biased Corporation!

Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

BBC’s Biased Bryant Fawns On Trump-Hater Baldwin! 

Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 

The fact is, the Russian media are fairer than the BBC, as one UK MP makes clear…



 “The News Thing has given me a fair chance to explain my opinions on Brexit immigration and transgender issues, for which I am grateful,” Davies said.


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David Davies MP


“Sadly, I have not received the same courtesy from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Instead, on several occasions, its highly paid presenters have criticised me by name without giving me a right of response.”,

He’s one of the few real conservatives in T-May’s party!

However it’s impossible even for Guardian hacks to claim that RT is less than even-handed, for we read on, and learn that far-left George Galloway…

Ex-MP Galloway – addressing ‘British’ fans?


…and Red Ken Livingstone and the leftist former SNP separatist leader Alec Salmond have been given lots of chances to make themselves heard.

What is curious is the absence of any Guardian indignation as it reveals how the EUSSR and the UK and US governments are eager pay-masters of a sleazy propaganda outfit styling itself  ‘European Values!’


‘European Values’ – dirty snouts in the tax-trough!


Do American, British and EU subject nations’ tax-payers (the Czech Government chips in too!) even KNOW their money is being pumped into this left-liberal sewer?



Although the Guardian tells us a bit about EV, it does not mention that  its biggest single donor is George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which covers almost 10 percent of its funding.

For that tidbit, you need a proper analysis of the EV, And I have been lucky enough to find that, here.

But back to the Guardian, which confirms how EV splurged a bunch of YOUR money on a ‘report’ witch-hunting more than 2,000 US and European politicians who have appeared on RT.

Monika Richter, the report’s author, said RT’s purpose was “to fundamentally pollute the information space.”

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Subsidised by YOU, without YOUR knowledge or consent


Not so much a writer ( read that Duran link!) as an attack-dog, this little leftist Sorosoid bint needs to be exposed as a parasite, leeching off the public purse to push her bigoted internationalist agenda…


…pollution on the tax-payers’ tab!