Good Greek Cops Thwart Alien Advance On Border!

Police have blocked some 200 migrants and asylum-seekers from leaving a city in northern Greece for the Macedonian border in hopes of traveling on to other European Union countries.

The report goes on to recount how cops in riot gear repelled the alien swine in Thessaloniki, using police buses to stop the arrogant parasites…

(they’ve been bludging there  for a year or more!)


….when they attempted their uppity strut towards the Macedonian frontier.

The arrogance of the moocher mob is almost awe-inspiring.


Gambar terkait


They are in somebody else’s country, Greece!

They want to gate-crash another somebody else’s country, Germany, or any handy trough-land with yummy benefits!



And to get there they were planning to violate the border between Greece and yet another somebody else’s country, Macedonia!



We have seen ‘migrant’ savages storming that border before.



Foul violent brutes, ready to kill or injure anyone who got in their way. It’s a great pity the brave guards didn’t use live ammo back then, because had they done so…

A – there would be fewer snouts in the Thessaloniki trough today, and

B – the swine eager for another go would NOT have been so eager!

But good on the Greeks, who, remember, before Red Tsipras’ marxist clique came to power, were rather nifty at handling crimmigration…


Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 

…but it’s just a pity that the far-left regime in Athens has clearly warned off the police from being quite as effective as they might be.

Unfortunately, no one was hurt in the brief confrontation.

Interestingly, a lot of the rabble said they were responding to a campaign on social media for a protest march to the northern border.

Might be a timely move to confiscate their phones and otherwise deny them access to sources of subversive propaganda!

But no chance of that, given who rules Greece. We know whose side they’re on. 

Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool!