Manson, Evil To The End, Proves The Case For Death Penalty!

Tempted to dwell on the coincidence of three bad ‘M-Things’ exiting the stage, I decided to ignore (for now) Mama Stasi Merkel and Marxist Mugabe…



If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 


…though they both have blood enough on their hands.

Manson was in a class of his own, however.


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This foul creature’s crimes need no reviews here.

Anyone old enough to read a paper in 1969/70 will never forget the extent of evil they involved.

Nor did Manson ever express remorse.

Yet the Thing lived on, in one prison or another, at VAST public expense…


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Have any estimates of the cost of his incarceration yet hit the media? Was it a million bucks, two, or more, including or excluding his satanic minions?

…and every single day it was allowed to live was just another cruel insult to the innocents wantonly slain by its gang half a century ago.

Of COURSE Manson should have been put to death, preferably painfully.

Amnesty International and the European Commission sincerely believe he and all like him should never pay the proper price.

My response to them and other such decadent dolts, in regard to their endless sympathy for vermin?