Ingrate Aliens Amok Again, At War With Decent Greeks!

Thieving ingrate scum!


That’s one way to describe the ‘migrants’ on Chios, a once-pleasant Aegean island, who are currently being ‘questioned by police!’


That’s Chios, legendary home of Homer, half-way up the map, just off the Turkish coast


According to state broadcaster ERT,several migrants from the camp were allegedly trying to steal vegetables from a greenhouse near the Vial facility when they were challenged by the farmers, a 73-year-old man and his 45-year-old son.

Reading the whole piece in Ekathimerini, it seems the cops got to the scene just in time, because the consequent ‘argument’ was noticed by other residents at the camp.’  Had the police not shown up, the honest Greek pair would have been sorely outnumbered by savages.

But hang on!

In addition to the stolen goods, the police ‘confiscated’ a hunting rifle, presumably the farmer’s.

This is disturbing.

Let’s remember that common-sense slogan we often feature here.



If decent islanders are outnumbered by lawless primitives, they need fire-arms to defend  not just their property but themselves.

In fact, it would be sensible if the authorities made sure every Greek household anywhere near any alien-infested area.

Every adult Greek on Chios without a criminal record should be issued with a gun if they apply for one.



And in Lesbos, another infested island north of Chios, we read more unpleasant news of ingrate brutes in riot mode, and this time it’s those ‘poor little children…’

Nine Young Women In Denmark


Poor Wee ‘Unaccompanied Savages,’ Again! 

….the nasty louts ludicrously categorised by the UN and EUSSR as ‘unaccompanied minors!’

Amusingly, the dastardly delinquents apparently caused damage to UNHCR facilities and the office of a non-governmental organization.


Was the ‘NGO’ one of the ‘non-governmental’  outfits that leeches off government funds? 


‘Over-Grown With Pricks?’ Brussels’ ‘Civil Society!’ Network! 

Alas, the report doesn’t tell us!

It does tell us, however, that Lesbos’s Mayor, Spyros Galinos, actually felt obliged to call a general strike last week, noting that the rising migrant population “has fueled insecurity among citizens.”

Easy answer to ‘migrant’ dissatisfaction.

If they don’t like where they are…