Who Do Those Euro-Commissars Think They Are?


It’s a continent, and British people, though separated by a channel, share its historic greatness.

Brits, French, Germans, Spaniards, Italians, Danes, and not least those great Poles…



…all the peoples of Europe are co-heirs to Christendom, and to REAL  European values – not the cultural marxist decadence in which Brussels incessantly wallows.

I have travelled again and again across Europe and delighted in my trips, hitching as a teen, Eurailing as my means of undertaking a post-graduation ‘Grand Tour…’


Gambar terkait


…and much later on the trains again, introducing the offspring to the rich and varied tapestry of cultures and customs.

Like me, in all but a handful of cases…

Brexiteers are NOT anti-European!

Many’s the time I’ve called for solidarity with Polish, Swedish, Austrian and other patriot parties, in the fight against our common enemy…


Yet now we read that the EU will not allow a British city to become European capitals of culture in 2023 after Brexit…


Lords of misrule, monarchs of all they survey – so THEY think!


…the European commission said it would not be possible because only countries that were in the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) or in the process of becoming members were eligible for inclusion.

Downing Street said it disagreed with the decision and had begun “urgent discussions” with the commission.