France24 Creep Covers Anniversary Of Red Tyrant’s Death

Just saw France24 news, a report from Cuba on Fidel Castro’s heirs marking the first anniversary of the Evil One’s death.


Rabid Old Red Rat Spotted in Havana! 

The reporter managed to link the coverage of a pro-tyranny demo by sycophantic millennials at a university – though they may simply have been out to preserve their educational privileges – with imminent local elections.

At NO point did he mention that anti-communist parties or candidates would under NO circumstances be permitted to participate.

Nor, when interviewing one sweet little apologist for despotism, who told him, and the world, that young Cubans were on board with Fidel Castro’s ideology – ‘young people follow Fidel’s ideas,’ she said –  did France 24’s intrepid hack challenge her…



…not even a mild question if that meant her millennial mates were proud of his legacy of oppression, political prisoners….

…and a health ‘service’ in which the red elite get quality treatment while the common folk barely get by.   .

But that’s France24.

What else could we expect?

The Longest Romance’ – Media Disinformation About a Monstrous Tyranny! 

Certainly not principled or objective reporting.

BBC Gives Platform to Castro-Fan, Hides Prof’s Red Record! 

But no worse than the BBC!