TransJakarta Atau TransAlaska? Dingin Banget!

My Indonesian headline is aimed at eliciting comments from local readers, who, like me, use the TransJakarta Busway.



I have complained about various aspects of the service before now…

XDeres – 7, Lebak Bulus – 1 : TransJakarta Kurang Adil! 

…but there seems to be some loss of control over the temperatures on the vehicles…


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….icy air-con blasts leaving passengers shivering by the time they reach their destinations.

I look around each time I board and notice plenty of my fellow-travellers are clad in jackets and wrap-around scarves, which in Jakarta are not what one expects to wear when out and about…


My typical Sunday


….although some of the office blocks downtown are just about as bad as the buses. What’s bad in the high-rises is that individual bosses can’t flick a switch to fix that. The A/C controls are building-wide, controlled by a central authority who can probably open his basement windows to ameliorate the Arctic atmosphere he -or she – imposes on everyone else.


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But those office-blocks are privately run.

TransJakarta is a public corporation!

The dreaded Jakarta Flu is an inevitable consequence of being half-frozen, then nice and warm, then half-frozen, then nice and warm, which is what happens if you change buses more than once.

Why don’t management do something about it?