‘French-American Foundation’ Backs Anti-Trump Film!

Vicious Anti-Trump propaganda screened on France24 and it was announced quite clearly the ‘documentary’ had the ‘support’ of something called the French-American Foundation.’


This documentary is supported by the French-American Foundation immigration scholarship.   http://www.france24.com/en/20171124-video-reporters-usa-trump-muslim-islam-immigration-visas-detroit-dearborn

So who are these propagandists putting their video knife into POTUS?

I don’t know but suggest American readers check out the FAF’s ties to Deep State undesirables, and make sure there’s no tax dollars flowing into FAF coffers.

The queen hack bee given a platform to vent her bile through the hate-spiel was a woman named Jessica Le Masurier….


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…and it was no surprise that she quoted the notorious hate-gang SPLC as a source of much of the ‘information’ used in –

‘Is Trump Slamming Door On American Muslim Dream’

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Have A Look At This New Site – Excellently Exposing SPLC! 

Anyone who depends on the SPLC to support their case is surely disqualified from being taken seriously.

Nor does that case become any more convincing when they also adduce ‘evidence’ from the infamous CAIR…


Take Action To Curb CAIR! 

If you look closely at the link to the production, you’ll see it includes reference to Dearborn.

If those at France 24 or the FAF were truly were interested in the reasons for ‘Islamophobia’ in the USA, then they should be focused on the violent bigots in that community, of which you can refresh your memories via our previous reports.

Craven Cops Slapped Down – Rare Win for USA Free Speech! 

  • Christian evangelists attacked by Islamist savages in Dearborn

It Can’t Happen Here? Michigan or West Java? 

Craven Cops Slapped Down – Rare Win for USA Free Speech! 

Certainly there are people in the USA who can be violent and anti-social and who don’t like Muslims, and that’s a shame.

But the best way to make such folks see reason would be for GOOD Muslims to demand that primitive, intolerant packs of savages, like the sectarian scum in  in Dearborn, by rounded up and kicked out.