Will Racist Ranter Be Royal Wedding Guest?

One must wish the happy couple well but also recognise that a royal wedding is not and cannot be regarded as a run-of-the mill event.


Gambar terkait


Hence a slight furrowing of the brow today as we read that the President of the USA may not be invited due to the bride’s perceived political prejudices.

Meghan Markle comments about ‘misogynistic and divisive’ Donald …

If it is decided to have no political figures at all, keep it a small and intimate wedding, just family and friends, unlike most princely marriage ceremonies, then that’s fair enough.

But it would be most ‘troubling,’ which is the trendy word for ‘offensive,’ were the couple to invite Barack Hussein Obama, as rumoured in various media.

Barack Obama set for Prince Harry wedding invite – and Trump will …

BHM’s notorious racism…




…and his disinclination to shed a single tear for any of the many real Americans callously killed by his beloved illegals…


‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama! ..

…should ipso facto exclude him from any such list.

It would be an affront to all decent people, not just in the USA but also the UK and beyond, were Obama to be seen frolicking at the nuptials.