SELL-OUT!?! If May Crawls To Dublin, Pull The Plug, D.U.P!

I’d like to say enough is enough, but this time it’s more than enough, if it’s true that Theresa May has tabled a sell-out scheme, whereby she will commit it to “avoiding regulatory divergence” in Ireland after Brexit. 

It implies that Northern Ireland would remain part of the customs union and single market while the rest of the UK leaves.




If May had shown true commitment to Brexit, repealed the European Communities Act as soon as she became PM, or invoked Article 50 promptly, or told The Enemy there’d be not a penny of their absurd and arrogant ‘Bill’ from the get-go…



…there’d not be this latest outrage now.

Brits voted for deliverance, and no Brit should be left behind, least of all the Ulster-British.

Eire remains an expansionist power, with an imperialist mind-set which we saw when their leader, Enda Kenny, chose to interfere in the referendum…


Kenny in Blood-Beast Adams’ embrace

Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

…blatantly inciting their Fifth Column in the UK to cast their ill-gotten votes against freedom.

Ulster is British!

And Sammy Wilson MP is absolutely right to warn her that ‘his party’s agreement with the government could be jeopardised by efforts to “placate Dublin and the EU.”


Peter Robinson MP


Peter Robinson, though he seems to have been gulled for long enough by Kenny’s sophistries, showed similar sense when he ripped the uppity Dublin clique.

“The idea that Brexit exigencies can be used to drive a wedge between Northern Ireland and Great Britain is an act of bad faith and provocation.”



May is not to be trusted.

The only argument I hear in her favour these days is that, if she were toppled, Sinn Fein/IRA’s Number One UK fan…



….Jeremy Corbyn, might well replace her in Downing Street.

Corbyn was once pro-Brexit, or so he seemed. Now he’s shifted.

May was anti-Brexit throughout the referendum campaign. Now she claims to have shifted, but is betraying the cause one day at a time.

Corbyn has always liked Sinn Fein/IRA. He’s not shifted on that.

May – if the news above is true – is now shifting to play Sinn Fein’s game, handing Brussels the means actively to promote Eire’s ambition to partition the UK.

There’s not an inch of difference between them.

Ulster should take a stand and not give an inch.