Har-Har-Har-Har-Har – Gored By Tusk’s Twisted Humour!

My usual reaction to statements by Euro-Commissars is disgust or fury, but Turncoat Tusk’s headline-grabbing weekend outburst made me laugh out loud.




The renegade Pole of course deserves contempt for the way he has consistently taken the side of his country’s deadly enemies in Brussels, but honestly, who could forebear to chortle at the delusionary’s drivel.

Tusk: Poland risks harming EU appeal


The Evil Empire has about as much ‘appeal’ as cat-vomit…



…or a couple of smelly dog-turds!


Speaking in Brussels (24 November) after a summit with six former Soviet states, he said: “If you [EU countries] want to be as attractive as before to our neighbours, we should be aware how important it is for all of us to fulfil … fundamental values”   .https://euobserver.com/foreign/140026



He said countries such as Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine wanted to be part of the EU and the Western bloc more broadly because it was an area in which “human rights, and rule of law, and freedom of speech, are the most important part of our set of values”.

No, it’s that they are afraid of Russia and because there are handouts to be had.

The rule of law?

Poland is under siege because the Poles fondly imagine they have the right to pass laws in their democratically elected parliament – in Tusk-Talk, Polish authorities, who, he said, appeared to be serving the “Kremlin’s plan”.



It’s Tusk who’s running scared of investigations into the plane brought down seven years ago, in which the Polish President died.


Not the values which the peoples of those lands live by. Far from it!


EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

Still in his stand-up comedy role, he manages to take a side-swipe at America too,whining about US president Donald Trump’s populism and his verbal attacks on the press.

So Tusk lashes wildly out at America, as well as his own country.


Yeah, and Tom’s mouse and Jerry’s a cat.

The man’s a bad joke.

He and his rotten Eurocrat regime are SO without ‘appeal…’ that their vaunted ‘European Citizens Initiative’ was from the start emasculated to ensure subjects could only approach their masters with suggestions, not a hint of democratic power…


EUSSR…Participatory Democracy? – A Travesty…Common Identity? – A Joke! 

….and even the submissions thus humbly presented were preemptively subject to a veto, outlawing any move –

“contrary to EU values!

– which is to say, that refutes cultural marxist EUSSR dogmas and replace them with the REAL European values which held sway across the Continent when the world was a morally healthier place.


….and that’s why their Chief Commissar has gone on record, dismissing the rights of the peoples of Europe to defy their diktats.  .



“If we want to help our eastern partners, we must also be aware of threats from inside the EU and this is why I raised the alarm”, he said on Friday.

The tweet saw Polish prime minister Beata Szydlo, at the time, attack Tusk for meddling in national politics.

She said nothing on the subject in Brussels on Friday, but her handshake with Tusk on the EU Council doorstep was “cold”, diplomats said.


The ‘Eastern Partnership’ summit, a twice-yearly event, is designed to build closer relations with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The EU 28 and the six former Soviet countries issued a joint declaration in which they “acknowledge[d] the European aspirations”, of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.