Wrecked Zimbabwe-Rhodesia? Deserves Ceausescu’s Fate!

I heard the poor guy who leads the democratic Opposition in Zimbabwe today, telling Euronews at 9am, when I was newly up and about, that what had happened in his country was no change, just a changing of the guard.

Quite so, and that was obvious from the get-go.

Robert Mugabe was, and no doubt is, evil marxist, trained in Red China…


Marxist Mugabe


…and while his successor may not call himself a Red, he too got his training in that totalitarian communist state.

When Ian Smith led Rhodesia into change…


…that promising partnership with Bishop Muzorewa, the new nation calling itself ‘Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, it was still one of the most, if not THE most, prosperous countries in Central Africa.

Mugabe destroyed that prosperity.

He unleashed gangs of thugs calling themselves ‘war veterans’ – aka killers and rapists…



…who in turn unleashed terror, pillage and mayhem on the farmers who had created that prosperity, many of whom, like Smith himself, had rushed to join up when Britain needed them in World War II.

It was one of Margaret Thatcher’s few errors, handing them over to savages, but a particularly dreadful one.

The shambles today is down to Mugabe.

Better by far he was dealt the same hand that Romania’s marxist tyrant got dealt.


Ceausescu had it coming.

Instead, Mugabe gets a pension, and gets to keep all the sumptuous luxuries already ripped off from his people.