French Fatwa – Even Saint Joan Knew Why She Was Burnt!

There’s a surprise.

The Bank of France ‘rules’ there’s no banking fatwa against Marine Le Pen – but acquiesces in the refusal of the guilty to fess up WHY they shut down Marine’s accounts!

I heard that on France24 today, the far-left, publicly funded channel whose bias we’ve covered again and again.

They soon followed up with a show on which one of their fatuous reporters was fawning over Palestinian gymnasts, hip-hop ‘artists’ and even a museum deliberately left empty…

….to illustrate how mean those Jews were!

So I skipped that, and checked out the banking fatwa news!

Reuters tells us that neither HSBC nor Societe General broke any rules in targetting the French patriot party!

“The closure of the National Front’s accounts by the banks does not appear to reflect wrongdoing…and leaves no reason to believe they acted with discrimination..”

So says Banque De France, a not entirely unexpected display of bankster solidarity.

But NOWHERE does the central bank give any explanation, having apparently failed, or not bothered to try, to extract the real reasons from the two culprits, which have declined to offer fuller explanations for the account closures…

Or maybe they DID get an explanation and are collaborating in its concealment?

All we get is a pathetic inaction-replay of the cover-up, in which they effectively collude, by adding that they had acted within regulatory requirements.

Not good enough.

If YOUR bank account was closed with no explanation, would you say that was fair and just?

No way.

Gambar terkait

Come clean, Money-Men!

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

At least when Jeanne d’Arc was burned at the stake…


Gambar terkait


…her tormentors didn’t hesitate to tell her why they wanted her out of French politics!