Bravo, Georgia! Three Down, Lots More, Though, To Go!

We don’t pay much attention to Georgia, and I’m not talking about the US state!

Georgia is a proud independent republic ( though one hopes it might become a monarchy again Georgia could hold referendum on restoration of monarchy ) and its special forces have done the world a favour…


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 … by cornering a slimy Chechen named Akhmed Chatayev, an ISIS rape-gang Islamist, along with two other kindred vermin.


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ISIS fiend Chatayev


Rather than face trial,  Chatayev blew himself up in the besieged apartment.gunfight in Tbilisi.

The scumbag Chechen was part of the terrorist attack on Istanbul’s International Airport in which 45 people died – 45 human beings, that is…



…there were three jihadist vermin also went to meet their friends already toasting in Hellfire!

So three more in Hell now, and nice news to spread on a Monday morning!

Yet a word of criticism too, because we read that Chatayev had been detained by Georgian police in 2012 for possession of explosives, but had left Georgia after being released on bail.



Never let these swine loose once you’ve got them behind bars.