Berlin Expo Honours ‘Brave’ Crimmigrant Drug-Dealers!

After our previous post today –More German Media Bias – DW’s Trump-Hater Guest!  – here’s another shocker from Merkel’s dark realm and this one reaffirms my view that the sooner the AfD takes power in Germany the better.

It’s events in Berlin that move me to repeat my support for the patriot party, sheer amazement…


…at the absence of any moves by either federal or city authorities against the glorification of African criminals on municipal premises.

I have no need to comment further, but merely offer you what the Deutsche Welle website tells its readers.

Berlin exhibition on ‘brave’ African drug dealers courts controversy


An exhibition in Berlin has drawn both praise and condemnation for presenting the lives and migration routes of the city’s African drug dealers.


The artist behind it believes the dealers do brave political work. 

The ‘artist’ is neither German nor African, but a ‘French-American’ named Scott Holmquist…


Hasil gambar untuk scott holmquist berlin


…who last year proposed a ‘public monument’ as another way to laud the dirty brutes he so admires, for providing “a socially valuable service appreciated by many people.”



And guess who gave this creep the green light?



…the Green party-led Kreuzberg council, which finances the FHXB museum where the exhibition is being held, defended it as an important contribution to a political debate.

Decent Germans are protesting vigorously, but then in Kreuzberg, Germans, decent or otherwise, are a dwindling proportion of the population.