Exposed Again! BBC Pay-Back For Brussels Funding?

Har har har!

The BBC said in a statement; ““This is an impartial issue explainer. We continue to report on Brexit developments in an impartial way.”

You can use that Express link to watch the new BBC propaganda yourself.

It is an insult to your intelligence and to everyone’s, to describe it as impartial, and the BBC know it…




…but because they do not believe they can be brought to book for their abuse of public funds, they will carry on doing this kind of thing.

MPs talk a lot, but under Traitor May…


Traitor Theresa kisses Liar Juncker


…nothing will be done to curb BBC’s anti-British bias.

It would be almost comforting if we could believe they were only repaying a favour, making nice because of all the EUSSR funds they’ve had…


BBC ‘biased’ receives millions in EU cash for filming and broadcasting …

BBC trousers MILLIONS in ‘secret’ cash from Brussels.   Jan 2016 –

…but it’s worse than that.

They are the Enemy Within, at war with British freedoms and REAL British values.

If only Brits were as lucky as the Poles, with a government that stands up to media treason and brings public broadcasting institutions under public control.


EXCLUSIVE: Top Polish Government Minister Hits Back 

That’s probably why the BBC hates Poland!