Well Said, Jakarta Globe! But Will Gramedia Repent?

Thankfully in the modern era, no one in their right mind would burn books but censorship is still widely practiced. 


The editorial in the Jakarta Globe concerns a local issue, about bookstores removing books from their shelves that might, so it’s said, embarrass local political notables with “unverifiable information.”  If you’re interested please use the link.

But the point about book-burning is something that will resonate with many around the world…


Nazis in the Thirties, burning books


….who learned at school about such conflagrations in Nazi Germany.

Many will applaud the JG editor’s condemnation of such intolerant, anti-democratic activity.



But not their rivals in the Jakarta Post, methinks, whose owners, the vast Gramedia business empire, committed such a crime against reason only a few years ago, and has NEVER repented of the book-burning that shamed Jakarta.


Gramedia’s outrageous literary arson was all the more reprehensible in that it was perpetrated at the behest of arrant Islamist bigots.

We keep asking when the Jakarta Post editors will have the guts and/or decency to deplore the Gramedia book-burning.

But few others on the local scene have been prepared to swell our protests into what should be a nationwide chorus.

Perhaps now that the Jakarta Globe has, albeit obliquely, dragged book-burning into the spotlight, others may now join in and shame the culprits.