Breaking Or Missing News? May An Unrepentant Remainer?

I was up and about early, had to buy a tiny screw-driver to remove my old lap-top’s hard-drive, then home to enter a true torpor, The Eagles’ greatest hits serving as lullaby.

But with an eye to keeping up with news, I had the Bloomberg channel on.


Hasil gambar untuk bloomberg tv channel

Boring Bloomberg lay-out


Not one I tune into often, because of its boring lay-out, but it has a string of summarised news items down the right-hand side, no need for sound!

Suddenly I sat up.

Theresa May, said Tajani, had described Brexit as a….

….’temporary estrangement?’


We all knew Traitor Theresa was a long-time Remainer, but if she still harbours disloyal thoughts of this sort, and is sharing them with Britain’s Eurocratic enemies…



..while the pantomime plays out in Brussels, this must be


Obviously, I wanted to know more, so I leapt – well, more of a Sunday slither, to be honest – to the laptop and did a Google Search, using the two key words, surrounded variously with Brexit, May, and Tajani.


I located Bloomberg’s website.


What the heck!


Nobody else had picked up on this scandalous revelation?

What to believe?

Bloomberg’s no better than it should be, but they’d hardly just invent such a report.

Did Tajani really say what he’s said to have said?

Was May approached to confirm or deny it?


What to believe?

We know that Juncker is a lying stoat. He’s boasted of his readiness to resort to lying to further his agendas.

. –


But if Tajani says one thing and May denies it, whom do we believe?

Liar Juncker’s comrade or Liar Juncker’s kisser?

Some of you may be asking…who the Hell’s Tajani anyway?


Gambar terkait

May and Antonio Tajani seem to be best of friends, in the photo, but the President of the ‘European Parliament’ – aka the Strasbourg Spongers…

Pro-EU Propaganda – Strasbourg Slugs To Use YOUR Cash! 

Hasil gambar untuk european parliament tower of babel

Strasbourg Slugs – Loud Against Brexit, Silent On Expenses! 

… is an arrogant SOB, with no small opinion of his own importance.



Earlier this year he staged something like a coup d’etat in Strasbourg, when he gave the go-ahead to a list of draft laws to be finished before the 2019 European elections…


…on behalf of all 751 MEPs even though he only has the backing of the European People’s Party and Guy Verhofstadt’s Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe…Together those groups have 285 MEPs.

Uppity brute!

But why would he suddenly have set the cat among the parliamentary pigeons with this assertion…



….that Traitor Theresa has confided to him that she remains a Remainer at heart.

And WHY has only Bloomberg carried that shocking news?

What will the UK electorate think, after her bleating during the election campaign that ‘Brexit Means Brexit,’ if word gets out that, as far as the Queen’s First Minister is  concerned, Brexit is no more than a…

…wait for it again…