Hee-Haw…Toronto’s PC Asses Ban The Word ‘Chief!’


Ooops! Wrong ‘ass’ pic!

Trying again!

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A much more appropriate representation of  TDSB!


This immense advance in pinko irrationality is undertaken, so we read, despite the fact that no Indigenous people have requested such changes be made.


So no more shameful job titles such as chief financial officer and chief academic officer  in the TDSB!

I haven’t been in Canada for years and years, so have no idea if Toronto Police – themselves no strangers to pinko pukery..Toronto’s Keystone KGB – Infested With Undesirables?     

….still use such an outrageously racist word, although they certainly did till recently…

Deputy Chief of Police Senior Officers
Chief of Police Deputy Chief of Police


… but clearly, if so, that will have to go too.

One must also hope the RCN does not still use the distinguished term ‘Chief Petty Officer!’

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You’ll need to read the whole hogwash saga to appreciate just how brain-dead the ‘debate’ – never mind the outcome – must have been

Schools once upon a time were kept busy enough getting the Three ‘R’s into young heads.

Where did it all go wrong?