More Reasons To Eschew Alien Remainer’s Ryanair!

More reasons to avoid using Ryanair, the airline run by an arrogant alien named O’Leary, who thinks he has the right to interfere in Britain’s affairs.


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Michael O’Leary

Let’s Ruin Ryanair – Boycott Europhiliac O’Leary! 

This uppity citizen of Eire has in the past denied pressuring staff to hit specific sales targets, after it emerged they were encouraged to sell products in return for bonuses.

But letters sent to crew members by recruitment firms that supply staff to Ryanair– seen by the Guardian – warn of dire consequences for those whose average sales per flight fall “below budget”.

Ryanair crew told to sell more perfume and scratchcards or face action

The UK Government is facing a guerilla war in parliament by sycophants…


Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe


…like Soubry, that strident ‘Conservative’ MP, desperately struggling to keep Brits under the heel of the Euro-Commissars.

The arrogance of O’Leary’s bullying management style echoes that of those who’d dismiss the referendum verdict. 

Nor is Ryanair the only company deserving of boycott.

That rancid hypocrite Richard Branson…

oooooooooooooooooooHasil gambar untuk richard branson brexit

Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products 

…is still as bilious as ever.

Britain will be part of EU again in five years, says Richard Branson

Odd, is it not, how the super-rich are the most bigotedly pro-Brussels.

Not really – their loyalties are to money and not to their fellow-citizens. Although O’Leary is of course in line with HIS country’s snarling hostility to British independence, with Eire busily out to use the Brexit battle in its own despicable war…

DUP’s Nigel Dodds hits out at Ireland’s stance on Brexit talks

….on the Ulster Brits’ right to self-determination. 

While the British Government appears content to respond in supine fashion to all these provocations, everyday Brits should use the power of their pockets to slap down the plutocratic prigs.