Coming Soon To Saudi Cinemas -Back Stalls Snogging?

It’s a measure of just how stagnantly backward Saudi Arabia is that simply allowing cinemas to exist has hit the headlines around the world!


Saudi Arabia to reopen cinemas that have been banned since the 1980s, says crown prince

But the photo in the ABC report is scarier, maybe, than even the most rivetting zombie horror film Saudi audiences might soon get to see.


Hasil gambar untuk saudi cinema audiences

Saudi cinema -no women to be seen?


As the report ominously declares, the announcement by the ministry of culture did not specify whether seating in cinemas would be gender-segregated as most public spaces are in Saudi Arabia…



What’s the fun in a cinema if a guy can’t take his girl and look forward to a serious bout of snogging in the back stalls?


Hasil gambar untuk kissing at the cinema silhouette


My teen years occurred a regrettably long time ago but unless my memory is more impaired than I believe, that was the main purpose of attendance at a movie theatre for young, healthy and normal people!

And another thing the decree did not specify?

…how heavily censored movies will be.

The newly re-opened cinemas could well resemble Saudi Airlines, on which passengers can only view films usually greatly censored with pixelation added to cover the chest and legs of actresses…

Pixelation? So that’s the word? I usually refer to the process as imposing an opaque blob, when I have one of my regular pro-cleavage protests.

Ma’af, Nia Danata! Jakarta Needs More Than New Censor Rules 



So is such rancid sexism, women’s bodies demonised, to be on the menu of the brave new society this ‘reform’ is said to herald?

True, Saudi Arabia is not the only country afflicted by this sort of nonsense…



We have reported on knee-phobia here in Indonesia, in the Province of Jambi, where the governor not long ago wanted to ban female students from wearing short skirts that reach above the knee..    In Sumatra, Knee-ophobia Rules! No Knees is GOOD Knees

…and Dark Ager abhorrence of the female form is all too often a topic for our musings.

February 14th – ‘International Hide-The-Yummy-Bits Day!’ 

…and never mind snogging, even hugging is beyond the pale in some places!

‘Haram’ Hugging, Nosey Shariah Parkers in Jambi! 

As to Indonesia’s film and tv censorship, enjoy this –

Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

The poster below, which needs to be widely circulated, makes the cause of this sexist censorship absolutely clear.



Addressed to ayah dan suami, fathers and husbands, you can see what’s  forbidden in the lists on either side of Michelin Maid.

Then, at the bottom, it offensively tells the afore-mentioned gents that –

‘Their Aurat is Your Responsibility.’

In other words, inspect your women before you allow them out!

But you men can go bare-headed, flaunt your knees, etc…


Pathetic, the killjoys here, but so too are those in Paris, pathetique! .

Will France Sink To Indonesian Film Censor Levels? 

 I hope the Arabs do get their cinemas re-opened.

But also that they can take their chicks to the flicks!