Katy The Cop-Out’s OK With Appeasement Of Red Nazis!

Brit readers will remember Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner…


=Gambar terkait


…who was asked to intervene in the disgraceful failure of the cops there to prevent Antifa Red Nazis shutting down a much better Katy – Katie’s actually-  right to free speech.

We discussed Katie Hopkin’s meeting a week ago…


Sussex – Pusillanimous Plods Let Red Nazis Triumph! 


We urged you to protest, so that she might pay attention to a letter sent by Andrew Allison, of The Freedom Association. (extract below)

“For the avoidance of doubt, here is a list of crimes that were committed in under an hour. I list them because Sussex Police said in a statement that no arrests were made: 

● Liquid (urine) thrown into a security guards face. 
● Both police officers physically assaulted. 
● Security guard receiving torn tricep. 
● Elderly members of the public pushed to the ground. 
● Elderly members of the public pelted with eggs. 
● More than 10 people driven into my a mobility scooter. 
● Windows broken. 
● Doors crowbarred open. 
● Private function stormed in violent manner terrorising attendees. 
● Children being encouraged to throw eggs at police officers. 

Doesn’t the list that I have provided warrant an investigation? Why weren’t police officers willing to investigate? Surely, this should trouble both the Chief Constable and you?”

Click here to read more, including Katy Bourne’s reply to Andrew, and Andrew’s reply to her.

Frankly, the ‘reply’ from Bourne was a fatuous, disingenuous and, as Mr. Allison notes, factually inaccurate letter  –

I would suggest to readers who share my disgust at Bourne’s cop-out on the bad cops renew their protests.


Hard to be polite when confronted with such a pathetic specimen as her, but do your best.