Terrorist Scum – Why Such Soft Sentencing In UK Court?

More than a few times, we have raised the issue of soft sentencing in the UK…

 Another UK Court Makes Mockery of War on Terror!’  – So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?!  

…and more recently, Theresa May’s disgraceful plan to embrace acolytes of the ISIS rape-gang back from the collapsed caliphate…


Another T-May Betrayal – Welcome Home, ISIS Terror Pigs! 

– and AGAIN this week the scandalous leniency in British courts has reared its ugly head, with two vile beasts…


Ummar Mirza and Madihah Taheer.

The demonic duo


…Ummar Mirza, aged 21 and its wife, Madihah Taheer, aged 22, sentenced at Woolwich crown court to 16 years and 10 years respectively.

This pair of jihadist vermin are to do their time for  preparing acts of terrorism in the UK (the dog) and after purchasing a combat knife (the bitch intended th blade for its mate’s use against us khufar)

Incidentally, still no news in the media on that case we’ve been asking about for months!

Has This Vile ‘British’ Traitor Been Dealt With Yet? 

But let’s stick with the gruesome twosome for now.

The pair had long discussed carrying out an attack, exchanging messages before they were married in September 2015 in which Taheer wrote: “Can we get married already ffs. I want you to kill ppl for me. I have a list.”

Mirza replied: “The day of the nikkah [marriage] I’ll kill em all. Give me the list. The only thing that stops me is we are not married. I will defo … I’m not joking.”

The rabid she-beast had already been convicted of preparing an act of terror in October this year!

So, in the regrettable absence of the proper penalty…



…they should both rot in jail for the rest of their natural  (or un-natural, since we’re discussing jihadism) lives.



With the soppy sentencing described above, there’s every chance that the male animal will be out in seven years or less, while its mate can be free in a decade.

That’s an affront to every victim of terrorism killed or maimed by pigs like these…


…and to British justice!t an earlier hearing.