Shock News From Falatehan – Top Gun No More?

Just got a news flash from Falatehan, the short jalan in Blok M once described tongue-in-cheek by expat revellers as ‘The Street of Dreams…’



…famous, or infamous, for its dodgy bars, dodgy women and dodgy taxis, as one ancient put it when I was still new here.

An sms arrived ten minutes ago to say that Top Gun is said to have shut down!

Hasil gambar untuk top gun jakarta indonesia


This place was one of the oldest bars on the Blok, established before I appeared on the scene not far off twenty years ago, always crowded back then…


Hasil gambar untuk top gun jakarta indonesia


…and lots of fun.

I won’t this morning recount my own outings, merely give you the link to all the bars here in Jakarta and you can inspect others’ views.

So if Top Gun truly has passed into the annals of night-life history, then it may soon be time to start writing an epitaph for the whole street.

A tempora, a mores….