Erdolf As Music Critic! Cute Singer Faces Four Years Jail!

Hasil gambar untuk Zuhal Olcay
Zuhal Olcay


Pretty lady, yeah?

Twould be a shame to see and gal with such a lovely smile clapped, not on the stage, but behind bars!

Not because she has done anything wrong, as Western celebs seem to do a lot of the time…



…but for “insulting” Erdolf the authoritarian Islamist!

Zuhal Olcay is a singer and actress and her alleged ‘crime’ was committed during a concert last year, with the prosecutor demanding up to four years for the entertainer.

Regime flunkeys in the İstanbul-Anadolu Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office have drawn up a laughable accusation that ‘a person‘ went whining to the cops that Olcay had made an insulting hand gesture…

With great alacrity, naturally, given how sensitive His Ankara Arrogance is known to be, an investigation was subsequently launched and footage from the concert was examined by an expert..,

The plot thickens!

Now, further outrageous lawless conduct on Zuhal’s part may have been uncovered

Olcay is accused of revising lyrics to the song “Boş Vermişim Dünyayı” (I Let Go of the World) to criticize Erdoğan!

OMG – revising a song?

Gambar terkait

Surprised she’s not facing death penalty charges!


According to the footage the revised lyrics say “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, all of them are … lies. This life will end one day, and you will say ‘I had a dream…’ ”

Read the whole report in Turkish Minute… …to get a complete picture of the endless oppression civilised Turks are facing.

I’d suggest that Western countries start thinking about offering an exchange, take in the ‘thousands of people in Turkey under investigation, most of them under the threat of imprisonment, over alleged insults to President Erdoğan’ who are persecuted by Erdolf’s sectarian gestapo…


…and in return export the disloyal Islamist ratbags we’ve been deploring for the past several years. .

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