Vienna’s Green Fascist Meddles, Says Far-Left BBC!

At the request of Austria’s president, the posts of justice minister and interior minister would not be held by the same party.

That’s a quote from a BBC report on Austria’s new coalition government. It’s attributed to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, and it bears out the warning we issued a week ago.

Will Green Fascist Try To Thwart Patriot Power In Vienna? 

President Van Bellen won his high office by a narrow margin last year, but before, that, when the polls showed the green fascist might not win, and that Herr Hofer of the FPO could edge the old buzzard out…

Hasil gambar untuk hofer van der bellen

Green fascist Van Bellen V Patriot Hofer

  • ….we were oftimes assured that the Presidency was merely ceremonial, like the position of a king or queen in a constitutional monarchy, no intrusions into the party political sphere.

  • Not so, if that Europhiliac septuagenarian can now boss Kurz about to make sure the influence of FPO patriots is thus restricted.

  • True, Bellen u-turned on his previous arrogant assertion that he would defy the democratic outcome were the FPO to win the parliamentary elections.

  • But the ministerial meddling is something which should have been needs to be slapped down – Kurz’s failure to do so is an ominous sign.