Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity To Poland Today!

That arrogant Dutch swine Timmermanns was just on the midnight news (Jakarta time) announcing that the Euro-Commissars have had enough of Poland’s refusal to kow-tow to Brussels diktats.


  • ===========
  • Liar Juncker’s Junta is set to trigger Article 7,  a declaration of war, not with tanks and bombers like Hitler’s, but with a full range of political and economic sanctions.



You and I can do little as individuals, but the LEAST we can do is send our solidarity to the Poles, a short, simple email congratulating the Polish Prime Minister and his colleagues on their resistance to supranational imtimidation.

Keep it short and sweet.

Something like –

Bravo, Poland!

No Surrender To Brussels Bullies!

Here’s the email address!

Hasil gambar untuk solidarnosc

Make time today, please!