Uppity UN Flunkey – “Austrian Democracy Is ‘Dangerous!”

So  Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, an over-paid uppity Arab slob whose loud-mouthed arrogance we’ve remarked on before…


Declare This Arrogant Arab ‘Persona Non Grata!’ 

…has been getting all fretty on behalf of the thousands of phoney ‘refugees’ infesting Austria that he’s denounced democratically-elected government as a…

dangerous development.

.UN warns of peddling of fear in European politics 

You’d think somebody whose job carries the title ‘United Nations Human Right Commissioner‘ would have more important violations of ‘rights’ to rant about, like the ubiquitous affronts to women’s rights around the region he hails from – i.e shariah law…



…or his own country’s absurd ‘blasphemy’ law…

UN Prince’s ‘Rhetoric of Fascism?’ – Check Out Arab Laws! 

…and in particular the case we highlighted not that long ago, of this innocent man persecuted by Jordanian authorities.


Hasil gambar untuk nahed hattar

Nahed Hattar


He deleted the post a day after it was shared, saying he did not wish to offend Muslims but was still arrested the following day. He was held at Marka detention centre in Amman, denied bail three times until he was finally released on bail on 8 September…  The Attorney General had also issued a media ban against reporting on the case.


Yet because Austrians, anxious for their safety in their own land…


“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

…went peacefully to the polls in a free and fair election and now have a coalition government which accurately reflects the votes cast, albeit having had to suffer far-left meddling…

…they are castigated by an un-elected UN flunkey whose enormously expensive bureaucratic empire is paid for from Austrian ( and your, wherever you are) taxes?



Zeid should zip his offensive lip.

European countries do not need lectures by some ‘prince’ from a spoilt brat upbringing, working for an organisation founded on…

… and steeped in, hypocrisy, on ‘human rights’ or anything else.