Europhiliac Hydra, Courting Millennial Morons!

Droll piece in Conservative Home last week, about the sudden sprouting of new parties devoted to keeping the UK in servitude to the embryonic Fourth Reich.


Seems they reckon that, if Macron can fool the French into voting for a Merkelite Muppet, why not try a similar exercise in Britain!?! 

Hasil gambar untuk hydra nine headed monster

Most entertaining are the names they’ve chosen to give themselves, viz.

Spring The Party – launched by pro-EU barrister Jolyon Maugham in April, and vanished by August

The Democrats – launched by pro-EU former SpAd James Chapman in August,

The Radicals – launched by pro-EU journalist Jeremy Cliffe, only for him to quit as its leader within 24 hours…

Forward Together – proposed in June by pro-EU ecologist Chris Formaggia,

Renew – launched after the General Election by pro-EU former Foreign Office employee Chris Coghlan…and pro-EU accountant James Torrance,

Advance launched…by pro-EU former police officer Annabel Mullin..

Not exactly nine, but the author does say there may be others, so I still think my picture of the Nine-Headed Hydra from Heraklean legend is a nice illustration, since that monster was easily slain when the right hero came along!

More seriously, the more anti-democracy parties the better, splitting the millennial moron vote…


Hasil gambar untuk brexit millennials


…though one wonders how many of those in the photo above can read what’s on a ballot paper – I bet they didn’t even compose the slogans on their signs!



As to the names of those parties above, I leave it to you to explore the oxymoronic nature of parties dedicated to reversing the greatest democratic leap forward in the history of the Sceptred Isle –

Radical? Democrat? Advance…?



Having said that, there are various small parties on the side of British independence too.

Since all three BIG parties are led by Remainiacs (now that Comrade Corbyn has sold out totally to the Enemy Within – no surprise!) it’s important that UKIP’s be the electoral banner behind which resistance fighters rally.

Which brings me back to last week’s exhortation.

The Silence Of The Sheep – Come Back Nigel!