A ‘House of Europe’ – Brussels Wastes More Millions!

The EU wants a ‘House of Europe’ in central Paris to “connect with citizens.”

Oh Yeah?

The public will have access to the basement and ground floor, while the remaining five floors will be reserved for MEPs and the EU institutions


As one might expect!

The mere citizenry should already know their place in the Eurocratic scheme of things..

…the lowest levels possible, while their lords and masters frolic amid luxurious (never be anything else but luxurious, not for the ruling class!) furniture and furnishings above, including expensively curtained windows, I’ll betcha…


Gambar terkait


…through which to look down on the commoners who have to pay for all the goodies!

The European Parliament wants to spend €20 million to refurbish a building in central Paris on top of millions in annual rent.

EUObs gets a lot of stick from me, but all credit to them for using a leak to good purpose, an internal document dated late October from the EU Parliament’s secretary-general.

And thanks to that document, we can be enthralled at the prospect of a House of Europe, which will include a basement cinema…to bring the “parliament closer to the citizens!”

If it weren’t so typical of the profligate irresponsibility of the Strasbourg Slugs, you’d have to laugh at their ineptitude, choosing a location described as ideal given the large pedestrian footfall of some 18,000 passers-by per hour.

Even the EUObs journo pokes fun at how many of those are actual EU citizens and not visiting tourists from abroad.

It transpires that a famous store is right across the street, and half the shoppers there are from places like Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the US.

With real people condescendingly granted access to a ‘360 degree’ cinema in the basement, an interactive exhibition on the ground floor, “a role-play game on the mezzanine”, and a conference room on the first floor.it’s hard to see how the Slugs concluded that their carefully restricted “layout will maximise the visitor capacity of the Europa Experience.

Like, uh, no!

Maximal visitor capacity would be achieved by taking a few of the fancier upstairs floors away from the over-fed, over-paid and ( in cases like Liar Juncker, over-drunk) Eurocrats.

EUObserver really seems to get how ridiculous the whole idea is, with its observation that it is unclear what exactly the ‘Europa Experience’ entails but a similar EU cinema in Berlin offers spectators a chance to “experience a plenary session of the European Parliament.”


Hasil gambar untuk clowns to the left of me jokers to the right
“…a plenary session of the European Parliament?”

 Oh, and  ANOTHER jokey section coming up!

Despite sharing some of the costs with the commission, the parliament looks set to pay the biggest share of the bill.


No, not quite.

The ‘Commission’ Euro-Commissars won’t pay a penny, nor will the Strasbourg Slugs.

YOU, dear reader, if you live within the borders of the Evil Empire, will bear the ENTIRE financial burden – an estimated total annual payment of €6.55 million covering both the rent and the amortised fit-out costs!

Amortised fit-out costs?

€7 million would be used for “structural works” while another €13 million is “primarily for the installation of a Europa Experience.”

Oh, yeah…

….THAT Europa Experience!