Viva Ambazonia? Why Not? Let The People Vote!

Where the heck is Ambazonia?


Just watched a report on France24 about the struggle for self-determination by the English-speaking people of the territory you can see on the map above!

It made me ponder the implications of the Catalonia election results.

Cameroon, after all, was never a nation, merely a large area ruled by numerous kings and chiefs, until it became a German colony, Kamerun. That was divided by Britain and France after WWII, hence the linguistic divide that continues today.


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Soccer separatism, Southern Cameroons, 2017


But fiftysix years ago, the British Government, despite all the ‘Wind of Change’ blarney spouted from Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, turned its back on the principle of self-determination.

The United Nations organised a plebiscite in the Cameroons on 11 February 1961 which put two alternatives to the people: union with Nigeria or union with Cameroun. The third option, independence, was opposed by the UK representative to the UN Trusteeship Council, and as a result was not put. In the plebiscite, Northern Cameroons voted for union with Nigeria, and Southern Cameroons for union with (the formerly French) Cameroun.

So no fair play and now a big issue, which you can Google Search for yourselves. My point being, if Catalan Spaniards and Scottish Brits, and anyone else, are entitled to decide for themselves…

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Ambazonia – Wikipedia

…why not the Anglophone folk of Southern Cameroons?