Hey, Old Argie Dope! Jesus’ Folks Were NOT Crimmigrants!

Spending ten days with loved ones, to enjoy Christmas and New Year together, I was tempted to ignore that vile and vacuous clown in the Vatican’s offensive likening of The Holy Family to the lawless savages whom his sort call ‘migrants.’


Gambar terkait

 Today’s migrants just like Mary and JosephPope Francis

They were NOT ‘migrants’ at all, legal or illegal!!

I’m no expert on Catholic teachings, but a quick check reveals my memory of the Bible ain’t quite as dodgy as his.


‘Si, si, Senor Ross knows his Bible better than me, I confess!’


…in the Gospel of Luke (2: 1-7) it is stated that the reason Jesus was born in Bethlehem was because his parents were ordered by Emperor Augustus to return to their ancestral village… 

So, far from them being law-breakers, sneaking across borders, they were following the law, doing their civic duty.

If only that obnoxious Argie would do HIS duty, as self-proclaimed titular leader of Christendom, and give a thought to the many, many European victims of the predatory horde.