Brit Patriots In France In Fear Of Europhiliac Reprisals?

Of course not all of the 150,000 Brexpats in France were in favour of Britain remaining in the EU. Indeed many voted to leave. 

 That’s the grudging admission in The Leftal, sorry, The Local, after much fussing over sensitive souls who, despite their duty of allegiance to Queen and Country…



…and motivated entirely by perceived (and likely very misguided) self-interest, have been agitating for continued Brussels rule over the UK.

The Leftal’s sneering mentality blazes bright as it rails on.  

While the idea that someone could happily live in France and the EU but vote for Britain to leave might seem contradictory to most….


Most of whom, you mangy hack? Why clearly claim that this is a ‘news’ article…

…when it’s laced with your snide bias?

Most of whom?

Your editorial board? Your turn-coat fellow-hacks in the Guardian and the Independent?

What on earth is ‘contradictory’ about liking France and being loyal to Britain?

The hack struggles vaguely to grasp this.

…these Bre-leavers insist their problem was with the EU and not France.


One such ‘Bre-Leaver‘ pin-points the faint-heart essence of the Macronite mentality.

“They grudgingly acknowledge the flaws of the EU but seem reluctant or even a bit scared to think that there could be a life outside it.”

But that’s not the most arresting part of the article!  Down towards the end of the page, we read this –

These Bre-leavers are hard to come by and some have gone into hiding…


Like Yazidis in the Caliphate?

Like Anne Frank in Occupied Holland?

Those words at the near-end of The Leftal’s rambling rant are downright dismaying.



But the anonymous hack goes suddenly silent, not an ounce of concern that people of whom he (or she) disapproves have had to go into hiding for their patriotic beliefs.

Not a word to explain what sounds like a witch-hunt against those  who stay true to their proper allegiance!