Good News From Italy – Anchor-Baby Law Scuppered

Americans are all too aware of the outrageous ‘anchor-baby’ scam, whereby illegal aliens sleaze their way into the USA – or indeed arrive legally, posing as visitors, but with only one nefarious purpose!

Then they spawn their brats on the host-country’s territory and shamelessly claim US citizenship for the said offspring!


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Birthright Citizenship Is a Magnet for Illegal Immigrants,


Good news this past week that Italian patriot protests have thwarted a similar situation there.

We’ve looked at the threat to Italy in a previous post…


In Italy, Insanity – Citizenship For Crimmigrant Brats? 

But now the ‘controversial bill that could grant Italian citizenship to about 800,000 children born in the country if they have spent five years in school was defeated in the Senate…

Under that plan, oddly dubbed ius soli (right of the soil!) any alien brat below the age of 12 would, after 5 years in any Italian school, become eligible for naturalisation.

What sense does that make?



Exactly why the nut-job plan failed in the Senate remains unclear. Less than half the members were in the chamber, through illness, sloth or some sort of abstention disguised as absence.

However, best not look a gift horse in the mouth.  Deferred till next year, the nonsense should lapse in view of general elections…

…when a triumph for the patriot parties ought to preclude any more deranged attempts at anchorage!


PS  But hold that champagne. A new story emerges, the undesirables marshalling for a ‘last-ditch’ assault on Italian citizenship.

‘Italians without citizenship’ group, made up of immigrant children, and senators for the ruling centre-left Democratic Party and the Green Party have urged President Sergio Mattarella to allow parliament two more weeks to debate and pass the law.

And what a sycophantic toady the DP’s Luigi Manconi showed himself to be, addressing Mattarella as ‘a gentleman whose intellectual rectitude and social sensitivity is well known!”


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President Mattarella


One hopes the President (above) is impervious to oozing crawlers!

Better by far that “Mattarella mustn’t listen to the left!”

That’s how Senator  Roberto Calderoli, of the Northern League, put it – Roberto is clearly a lot less oleaginous than Manconi!

I gather from today’s morning news that the parliament is dissolved, so it sounds like sense prevailed!