So Belgian Media Is Rotten Too?

I try to keep an eye on the terrible trouble caused by undesirable alien ‘migrants…’



…and/or their equally alien offspring born in civilised countries but without a shred of loyalty thereto…


Terror Vermin Find Support In Brussels? 

…, but obviously I am unable to catch every news item related to the subject.

This is not so much down to any inadequacy on my part, though I have no resources except eyes, ears and an enquiring mind, but to the fact that there are just so many foul ingrates among the populations of major Western cities…


A Moroccan, ‘Known To Police?’ Why Was He In Belgium? 

….that complete coverage of crimmigrants and their crimes is impossible.

However, Gatestone is well-resourced, and does a fantastic job.

Were it not for Gatestone, I, like probably you, would have no idea that there were no less than THREE serious riots by savages in Brussels last month, one of which left 22 cops injured.

Nor would I be aware of the vile bias on Belgian TV, where a ‘moderator’ shouted down the sole patriot panellist with the Lugenpresse parrot cry…



Does the swine get a bonus for silencing patriots?


It’s tempting to be unsympathetic to Brussels, the HQ of The Evil Empire…



…but that’s like saying because London or New York have God-Awful mayors, the people of those metropoles deserve all they get.

They don’t.

Subversive vermin like that media ‘moderator’ and the rest of the swine who dominate the Belgian political and media class DO deserve all they get, but then likely most of them reside in areas not too close to lairs like Molenbeek, whence vermin venture forth to inflict misery on decent REAL Belgians.



As to Molenbeek’s residents, one of my commenters commended a report to my attention, how the Belgian newspaper De Morgen reported (subscription only) that “the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities.

That’s Belgium.

Or at least Brussels.

Or at least Molenbeek, a national blight created and allowed to fester for years by Enemy Within politicians.

The whole neighbourhood should be sealed off, the residents individually and thoroughly vetted for disloyalty – aka allegiance to sectarian solidarity rather than to Belgium…



…and those found lacking in a proper sense of civic duty should be promptly processed for deportation.

A great pity that the Enemy Within media rats can’t be deported too.