A Swiss New Year Treat Most Brits Will Envy!

Hardly surprising to see most Swiss want to end the broadcasting license fee, which for years, like the UK BBC license, has been slung like an albatross around every citizen’s neck, an authoritarian imposition which no democracy should tolerate.

But then, unlike British people, Swiss citizens have real democracy to remedy such problems.

And there’s a referendum due this coming year to get the onerous burden off the tax-payers’ backs.



There’s a referendum next March, and both recent surveys show majorities against the Billag,.which is what the Swiss call that unfair form of taxation which all households are legally obligated to pay.

At SF451, it seems excessive, but even a nominal fee is a nonsense in any democratic society, esp. in this day and age when so many channels are available to those who CHOOSE to receive them.

Ludicrously, we read that the chief objection from the ‘No’ campaign is not on any practical grounds but because ‘scrapping the licence fee could spell the end of public broadcasting in Switzerland.’

What IS surprising, surely, is that the likely majority to get rid of coercion is under 60% with one poll showing the narrowest of margins, 51%, so the campaigners for reform cannot sit back and relax.

It may of course be that state-subsidised media in the Alpine country is not as bigotedly leftist as the BBC, or as Polish state broadcasting was for years…

Poland is not descending into tyranny. It’s just defying the EU

…until the patriot government in Warsaw got to grips with that problem (much to the fury of Liar Juncker’s clique in Brussels.

Indeed, the survey showed most Swiss ‘satisfied with the programmes.‘   https://www.thelocal.ch/20171227/majority-back-scrapping-tv-licence-fee-at-referendum

But that’s hardly the point.

While the BBC can produce good TV viewing…

If Only The BBC Cared About The Country! 

…as I readily acknowledged last year, they slant their news –Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! – their chat-shows –Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show!   – and their interviews – A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ – quite shamelessly..



…and they have never apologised for their servile role as an arm of the Labour Government’s propaganda war against Rhodesia…

Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?

… nor for their disgusting declaration of neutrality in the Falklands War.

It would be interesting to see how Brits would vote if they got to vote on the BBC license fee.

But of course they won’t ever be given a democratic say on that, or on any matter which the elite, committed, as T. May herself confessed, to liberal values, thinks might threaten their vice-like grip.