France 24 – No Mention Of The Source Of Evil

Just watched France24 for the first time this year, and their news reporters, covering the public anger over attacks on the police, failed completely to do their journalistic duty.

‘Suburbs’ got a mention…



…but not once did they identify the areas where cops (male and female) were brutally attacked as banlieues, the districts infested with undesirable aliens.

At least the Irish Times told some of the truth, with its report on how –

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Interior minister Gérard Collomb called for “in-depth reforms” to change the immigrant banlieues on Tuesday after violent attacks against police in Paris suburbs on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.’

In-depth reforms, huh? I wonder what he means.

Not, one hopes, splurging public money on projects to appease the vermin.



The violence was outrageous indeed. You can read the shocking details via the IT link.

Call for reforms after police brutally attacked in run-down Paris …

It’s hardly surprising that Frédéric Lagache, a leading light in the largest French police union has declared that “fear must shift to the side of the thugs, not be on the police side…”


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Quite so!

THEN we learn why the alien scum feel free to run amok.


“Most of the time, those arrested are let go” by judges, he said.


But while we should endorse his solution – the re-establishment of mandatory sentencing for violence against police  –  as a sensible step, surely much more needs to be done, about places where real French people fear to go these days!



If that Interior Minister really wants ‘change,’ the best way to effect ‘change’ in areas over-run by savages is to subdue them, by overwhelming force, permanent occupation by special forces, with authority to shoot to kill any scumbag who steps out of line.