Truth Hits The Highway – An Estimable Patriot Prank!

Pranksters put up a sign along a California highway to spotlight the state's "sanctuary state" legislation, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2018. (Image: Twitter, Ted Hooley)


That’s brilliant, an excellent antidote to post-vacation blues in a very blue state.

When American patriots do something like this, it not only focuses attention on the facts of the situation in California…



…where their demented leftist Governor Brown has openly boasted of his commitment to providing ‘a measure of comfort’ to illegal aliens –

…but also gives every decent citizen a chance to savour schadenfreude, that opportunity to delight in the furious DIScomfort such declarations undoubtedly provoke among pinko creeps using the roads to get home from what are surely their mind-numbingly boring…


Hasil gambar untuk boring social media people


…’festive’ outings, where a maximum two alcoholic drinks are the norm…Pinkos Smother Christmas Cheer Over Rape Fear? …ooops, the dictated maximum!