Red Tsipras in Dirty Deal – Betray REAL Refugees to Erdolf?

At first sight, it seems like welcome news that Red Tsipras is to propose to Turkey that asylum seekers who are not high on the list of eligibility for protection be transferred to camps on the mainland and subsequently to Turkey.

The Greek newspaper Kathimerini quotes an anonymous Tsipras flunkey that ‘“We are asking that we be allowed to conduct returns either directly from the islands or from the mainland in the context of the EU-Turkey joint statement.

That’s the Danegeld Deal, of March 2016, by which Erdolf gets billions…



….simply for doing what any self-respecting government anywhere should see as its duty, control who crosses its borders.

Turkey’s gracious despot, we’re told, has indicated that Ankara will respond to Greece’s request in the first half of January.



Coming up soon?

Maybe, or maybe not, because, as a subject state of the EUSSR, Greece is not free to do anything like this, no matter how badly Greeks are suffering at the hands of the alien horde…


Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

…and it remains unclear, however, whether officials in Brussels approve of the deal.

But what’s the price tag on this putative plan?

Gambar terkait

Thirty – count them if you like!


Besides all the phoney ‘refugees, the ingrate liars infesting Greek islands like Chios and Lesbos…


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…there are REAL asylum-seekers in Greece, with a powerful case for sanctuary.We’ve talked about them before.

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Now those Turkish refugees from Erdy’s Islamist iniquities are a cause for discord in Athens.

The main opposition party, New Democracy, has protested at Tsipras’ decision to file a request for the cancellation of the asylum granted to one of eight Turkish soldiers accused of involvement in last year’s coup attempt.

New Democracy has pointed out, accurately, that Greece’s Red ruler had previously guaranteed that the suspects would receive a fair trial.



You don’t need me to tell you a fair trial in today’s Turkey is a likely as my attendance at one of those pinko parties –Pinkos Smother Christmas Cheer Over Rape Fear?  –  where two strong drinks is all you’re allowed.

While Merkel and her clown courts allow savages to run amok and go un-deported…

If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

…it would be outrageous if Red Tsipras is allowed to get away with surrendering even one innocent soldier to the Turk tyrant as a quid pro quo for Erdolf’s acceptance of undesirables whose illegal departure from Turkey his border security should have prevented.

Erdolf Leeches On, But Won’t Turn Off The Tap!