Soekarno-Hatta From PIM? Could Be Handy!

When going to and from my Christmas/New Year break, I was taken aback by the changes at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport,  a huge new building…


Hasil gambar untuk jakarta airport rail service terminal


…which I assumed to be the terminal for the just-started rail-service between downtown and the airport,  obstructing my view of the big Garuda statue.



That mighty monument met my gaze when first I came to this city, not far off twenty years ago. and I always feel I’ve made it home when I emerge from the arrivals hall and find it waiting there.

Same with the lights, if it’s a night flight, for my first landing was quite late, and the city looked like a starry lake from the descending plane. At least they can’t be obscured – except by pollution!

But time brings changes and one must adapt.

Never mind, mere musing.

I won’t get into the new train service from Sudirman to the airport, as I haven’t yet used it.

Here’s a Jakarta Globe link. Soekarno-Hatta Airport Launches Sky Train

But I want also to provide a link to a Jakarta Post report on a bus service for South and West Jakarta residents who have a plane to catch.

Airport bus service available at Pondok Indah Mall 

Good idea, having buses from Pondok Indah Mall and Mal Taman Anggrek.


Pondok Indah Mall


PIM is easy to reach on the TransJakarta Busway, as is MTA.

But I am home now, and getting back into the social whirl.

No planes out for me, not for many months, I hope.