A Fair Trial In Erdolf Land? Har-Har-Har!

 Just keeping up to date with Erdolf news, as ever – Red Tsipras in Dirty Deal – Betray REAL Refugees to Erdolf?   – and noticed that the Turkish Foreign Ministry has its Islamist knickers in a twist, letting us know that any suggestion of a fair trial for those Greek officers is as likely as me hearing my cat bark for her brunch!


Who’s cuter?


“By granting asylum to one of eight coup plotters involved in the July 15 coup, Greece has once again showed that it is a country that protects and embraces coup plotters with this decision…”    http://www.ekathimerini.com./224546/article/ekathimerini/news/asylum-decision-for-turkish-officer-will-have-negative-impacts-warns-ankara


Not ‘suspects,’ not ‘the accused,’ not bloody likely!


No need for any trial at all, fair or unfair, if Erdolf’s Foreign Ministry flunkeys have already declared them not as suspects but as coup plotters… criminals who took part in killing hundreds of Turkish people and targeting the democratic order..”

The fate of the remaining seven genuine Turkish asylum-seekers will be decided in Athens this week, we’re told.


Red Tsipras, appeaser of Islamist despotism!


Will Red Tsipras, already out to undo the asylum granted to one man, further crawl before Erdolf’s bullying, or will the others be kept safe from his vengeance?