Paris Has-Been Joins ‘NGO’ Leeches’ Anti-Austria Tantrum!

 So a has-been French Europhiliac, ex-foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, has sullied the good name of his country by whining for an EUSSR diplomatic jihad against Austria!


Gambar terkait


“We are not turning away our gaze: These are the heirs of Nazism that have come to power in the new Austrian government…” 


Red Federica Mogherini with her dear Yasser Arafat


Grassroots Antiracist logo

A glance through EGAM’s financials at the above link shows what a pack of pinko parasites they are, leeching off the French Government as well as the European Commission.

AND guess who else is funding their nasty nattering?


None other than George Soros’ notorious Open Society Foundation.

 the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement promptly to dissociate itself from its founder, Benjamin Abtan, whose name appears on Kouchner’s rant, or else to have the juicy tax-payer cash-channels shut off permanently.

Kouchner and his comrades are very brazenly trying to resurrect the childish tantrum which Brussels threw the last time the FPO joined a coalition. We wrote about that during the French election…

EUSSR Cabal – Crass Meddling in French Election 

…Comrade K tells us plainly he wants an action replay of that outrageous episode.

“In practice, this means that far-right Austrian ministers should not be received by any of their European counterparts, who should not attend any meetings with them.”

Kouchner’s contempt for democracy goes even further, with the infantile demand for a boycott of the Austrian presidency of the Council of the EU, due from 1 July 2018 until the end of the year.

However, perhaps we should think carefully before we condemn his boycott call.

As EUObs says, such a move would mean a de facto standstill of the European legislative machine for six months.

If it means rendering the EUSSR immobilised…

…even if only for half a year…?