Jakarta Job For Steve Bannon?

So did he fall or was he pushed?

Or did he walk out the door with a cheery wave?

Whatever the facts, Steve Bannon’s departure from Breitbart is problematical news.


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He is an exemplary character, who has rarely been found on the wrong side of any issue, a true American patriot and a friend to freedom.

Breitbart’s usual knack for getting to the root of the matter is absent from their brief report on the end of Bannon’s role there.


Gambar terkait

– http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/09/stephen-k-bannon-steps-breitbart-news-network/ –

…so anyone can speculate!

But where’s he going to go next?

Actually, I could do with some help here in Jakarta. Plenty of people send in snippets of news for me to work with, but an extra pair of hands never goes amiss.

So rather than despatch an email, let this blog-post be an invitation to Steve to join us here at RRA!

It’s only fair to add that, as I have no money to speak of, he’d have to work for free.



On the other hand, the city offers a very pleasant and inexpensive life-style.

And he’d probably enjoy the bar-room debates I often have with the several pinkos with whom from time to time I socialise!

Over to you, sir!