“Let Us In – Or We’ll Turn Terrorist!” – Europe’s Crimmigrants

“Many times, even in Greece, [these men] were telling me that Europe is growing the terrorists here, because we are getting frustrated..”



Those menacing words come at the very end of a bleeding-heart blurb on PRI, an American federally-funded outfit, full name Public Radio International (PRI) and it’s time Donald Trump turned off the tax-dollar tap!

Hasil gambar untuk PRI public radio international

PRI bitterly resents moves by American patriots to haul its pinko snout out of the federal funding trough.

Yes: Tax Money Shouldn’t Shore Up Blatantly Biased TV and Radio

It even has another blurb on its site, blatant political campaigning, its purpose to have leftwingers let legislators know how important public media is to you.

Over to you, American readers!

DeFund Public Broadcasting – Americans for Limited Government

“To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”–Thomas Jefferson

Don’t know if that petition is still extant, but the organisers sure are! 

However, back to the borders!

Most normal Europeans, against whom these vicious phoney refugees’ threat is aimed…



The PRI scribblers adopt the usual left-confusionist tactic of describing the malignants as ‘migrants and refugees’ without offering proof that any of the blighters are genuine refugees – they’re obviously not, having passed through several safe democratic lands and currently residing in another one!

…will see such a despicable declaration more as a sign of crimmigrant arrogance than as clear and present a danger…


…although we have seen that often enough along the country-shoppers’ Balkan Route!

Even so…

Imagine if a bunch of beggars turned up at your house, banged on your front-door, rattled the handle angrily…

…then sneaked ( I rather like the past tense ‘snuk’ but I’d get hammered by grammar-police!) around back and began to break through your garden fence.

You chuck ’em out, only to hear them threaten to fire-bomb your home.

Bombast from cheeky beggars?

Or a death-threat?

Whatever your interpretation, opening your doors goes off your agenda sine die.

Even more when it’s plain that at least some of the abusive beggars have obviously turned to alcohol and drugs to ease the pain of your readiness to defend your home.

Offensively, the wannabe tear-jerkers of PRI overtly side with the lawless ‘migrant’ rabble in Serbia, 8000 strong…

Afghans are the largest number among those playing “the game,” along with Pakistanis and migrants from the Maghreb region

…quoting their whines again and again, slandering both Serbian and Croatian police…

…with not ONE single refutation allowed, not from any officer on border duty, nor from any Serb or Croat elected politician…



…nor even from ANY of the many ordinary citizens of Serbia or Croatia who must be horrified at the alien gangs, country-shoppers all, encamped on Serbian territory,



The focus of the article is the city of Sid, where last year, police rounded up more than 200 migrants in the country’s north following reports of alleged attacks against the local population...


Hasil gambar untuk Sid Predrag Vukovic


.Sid Mayor Predrag Vukovic says the migrants “stole, fought among each other and attacked the locals.”

More Than 200 Migrants Rounded up in Serbia

If you have a large box of Kleenex tissues handy, by all means read the whole piece of pinko propaganda…

…but if I were you, I’d be more upset about the intolerant crack-down in Serbia on citizens protesting against the parasite horde who should be sent back to where they came from.

Serbian Minister Bans Anti-Migrant Protests

The Ministry of Interior will not allow any meetings against migrants and people passing through Serbia..


That was Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbia’s Interior Minister’s anti-democratic rant, nearly three years ago.


Gambar terkait


He’s still there, a leading light in the Serbian Progressive Party, an interesting man Serbian Interior Minister Accused of Bugging Journalist  

I imagine public dismay is at an even higher level now…

…but I don’t know if  this authoritarian ass is maintaining his ban on patriots exercising their right to free speech.