Macron’s Fake-News Crack-Down -So No More ‘Refugee’ Lies?

Awoke early on Thursday, much to do, meeting friends in downtown Jakarta, and looked in on France24’s half-hourly news.

The pundits were discussing conspiracy theories and referred often to Le Muppet’s venting of his spleen a week or two ago.

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced plans for a new law to combat so-called fake news.

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He said that during elections social media would face tougher rules over the content that they put online. Deliberate attempts were being made to blur lines between truth and lies…

Emmanuel Macron: French president announces ‘fake news’ law

That’s a BBC report of Muppet’s rant, and, given the notoriety of BBC bias. e.g. deliberate concealment of their interviewees’ far-left affiliations…

A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And‘Mother Jones?’ 

and their lies about why they stack their chat-show panels with anti-Trump, pro-Brexit stooges

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 


and that Ms.K.K.’s blatant lying about BBC standards –Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

their bias is not so different from France24, which also leeches on the public purse and provides far-left figures with disproportionate amounts of involvement.

Surely that’s much worse than the pre-election revelations that got the occupant of the Elysee Palace into such a tizzy. 

But the real test of Macron’s sincerity about cleansing media of bias will be whether he lifts a finger to crack down on the ‘mainstream’ media’s frequent and flagrant deceit on the truth about the migrant menace…



…conscienceless claims that illegal trouble-makers are ‘refugees. ‘


 The Economist’s inaccurate use of the word ‘refugees’ to describe a bunch of lawless Iraqis on the French Channel coast,  where mostly Iraqi refugees live until they manage to get on a truck to Britain.

Phones are now indispensable for refugees – The Economist

Not Calais crimmigrants this time, but some den in Dunkirk.


Nobody trying to sneak into the UK from France is a ‘refugee.’ France is a safe, democratic country.

If people from Iraq, or anywhere, have reached France (or other safe democratic countries en route to France from wherever they call home) then, if they are ‘refugees, they would have applied for ‘asylum’ – because they are no longer, fleeing real or imagined troubles.

Obviously, if savages pursue illegal means of moving on…

…they’re NOT refugees!



Nor is The Economist by any means unique.

Consider the foul record of fake news on other left/liberal media, repeated references to illegal immigrants as ’refugees.’

Refugees start to gather in Calais again, months after … – The Guardian 

We built this city: how the refugees of Calais became … – The Guardian

UK aid convoy for Calais refugees: … – The Guardian

That’s fake news, because we KNOW that many of those involved in incursions are NOT refugees. Some are simply economic migrants, who amy want to work, or to sponge on benefits, and some are very much worse!


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 And even after Macron spoke, Guardian obfuscation – aka fake-news! – continued. In limbo in Melilla: the young refugees trapped …

…as if the violent louts there can be categorised as ‘refugees.’

There’s also the rancid dishonesty of media in Sweden and in Germany, not so much fake-news but black-out of real news..


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    • —————————-
    • The editor-in-chief defended her decision to suppress the rape story on public TV broadcaster ZDF: “We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread the bad mood.”
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    • Oh, and let’s not forget the torrential fake news, regurgitated so often, about how Donald Trump “called Mexicans rapists!?!”

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He didn’t.

I heard that speech and Trump did NOT call Mexicans ‘rapists.’ He did NOT call immigrants ‘rapists.’ He very loudly and clearly said that SOME Mexican illegals were rapists, a solid, irrefutable fact.

So who needs to be targeted by Macron’s crack-down?

And not just when he’s up for election, which seems to be the only reason he’s ranting?