‘Vulgar?’ Will Czechs Elect A Man Loathed By Pinko Snobs?

We know somebody’s probably got something useful to say when the media start on about how crude or ‘vulgar’ he is. Just cast a glance at the White House!

But today I’m looking at Central Europe!

Most of the creeps who write in pinko papers like the Guardian are stuck-ups, whose obnoxious opinions are made even more unreadable by their addiction to fancy-pants vocabulary, similar to the cr-p used by Ghastly Guy…

“…a binary, old-fashioned and reductionist understanding of identity.” 

“Europe?” What’s Ghastly Guy On About Now? 

Do such people use that kinda guff to show off, or simply to baffle us normals?


  • They tend to reckon the rest of us poor common folk are ‘vulgar.’

  • Hence the headline in the Irish Times this week…

Czech president’s ‘vulgar’ populism faces a tough test

…,referring to Czech President Miloš Zeman, the Eurosceptic, anti-immigration incumbent who enjoys close ties with the Kremlin, requires some attention.

——–An election poster of Czech president Miloš Zeman. Photograph: Martin Divisek/EPA

 ….a proud smoker and drinker who disdains political correctness and revels in the liberal outrage he often provokes…Czech president’s ‘vulgar’ populism faces a tough test         

 Got to be a good guy!


It’s basically a two-man fight, with other candidates trailing behind the good guy and an academic named Draho

But what’s interesting is that headline.

Read the whole article and it’s not till we approach its end that we find the word ‘vulgar’ that catches the eye at the top of the page. Drahos holds unpleasantly liberal and Europhiliac views, but HE doesn’t call Zeman vulgar.

The Irish Times media hack, Daniel McLaughlin…

…had to go trawling all around Prague till he got a snob called Jiri Pehe, who lurks in the – wait for it – ‘New York University there.

Given the Pinko Paddy made no effort to find a pro-Zeman quote, from anyone at all, he was obviously looking for a lefty stuck-up, and OMG did he strike gold!

“Zeman is vulgar and low – it’s unfortunate but also true!”

Hasil gambar untuk Jiri Pehe, New York University in Prague.

Jiri Pehe – What a friggin snob!


If that’s what he thinks of Zeman, presumably he thinks the majority of Czechs, who after all elected Zeman, are just as ‘vulgar and low’ – the same sort of supercilious, arrogant attitude we find in the UK…


….among the plutocrats and elitists who sneer at the majority of Brits for choosing freedom in the Brexit referendum!

BTW, Zeman’s ‘pro-Russian’ stance has to be seen in the context of the childish ostracism he’s faced from the EUSSR stalwarts prowling the corridors of power in Berlin, Paris, Rome etc.

Mr Zeman has received few invitations to western capitals during four years in Prague Castle.

So if Russia invites him there instead, why the heck shouldn’t he go!

We’ve had cause over the past few years to applaud this patriot.

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Now we offer him best wishes for his re-election bid. Votes are being cast this very weekend.