Crimmigrants- Austria’s Kickl Kick-Starts Counter-Attack!

The media gave much (too much) attention to a mob of millennials in Vienna at the weekend, shrilling against the results of the democratic election there.

But much more important is the fact that Herbert Kickl, of the FPÖ patriot party,  has got off to a very promising start as Austria’ Interior Minister, with a pledge to crack down on disgraceful alien ingrates.



Wherever you are, you must wish your own governemnt would also start work on the speedy deportation of migrants who have been denied asylum.

Austrian interior minister promises ‘very, very tough asylum policies’

‘Denied asylum’ means their claims to be ‘refugees’ have proven bogus, so the speedier the liars are kicked out, the better!

As an example of what he describes as “very, very tough asylum policies,” he’s proposed that the government  should be able to check migrants and asylum seekers’ mobile data, in order to gather information about refugee routes.

While it’s a welcome and sensible move, it’s also a measure of how sloppy and soppy attitudes in Europe have become…

….that such an obvious step forward should be deemed ‘tough.’

Same goes for another of his planned reforms,  mandatory X-rays to determine asylum-seekers’ age for legal purposes.

Rather topical, that one, with recent reports from other countries, like Sweden…

BBC News5 Des 2017

A Swedish investigation into migrants claiming asylum as children suggests that three-quarters of those tested were over the age of 18…

Sweden child migrant tests ‘reveal many adults

…and Germany…

Almost Half Of ‘Underage’ Migrants In Hamburg Are Adults

…indicating that a huge percentage of so-called ‘unaccompanied child migrants,’ are not children at all, but dastardly lying louts.

What a shame Britain doesn’t have somebody in the Home Office with the same set of patriotic priorities as Kickl.

What Next, Amber? Import Young Guns Of Calais? 

Instead, Brits suffers from Awful Amber Rudd, Champion of the Calais Curs!