If It Shames Subversive Sadiq Khan, It Can’t Be Bad!

I’m not sure how practical the objective of this petition is, but since Sadiq Khan has time and again embarrassed British people with his extremist outbursts, at least it deserves a serious read.

Petition to oust Sadiq Khan by allowing UK citizens vote on who is mayor of London gains traction




Thousands have signed a petition calling for all UK citizens to be allowed to vote on who becomes the Mayor of London.

The petition which can be signed here states:

“London being the capital city, all UK citizens should have a say who becomes mayor.

The whole of the UK should be allowed to vote on who becomes mayor of our capital city, as what happens in London also affect the outer towns and cities,
So voting should be changed, so people living outside London can have their say through a vote who they would like to see become mayor of London.”

The petition can be signed here. 

The current Mayor, Sadiq Khan acts as if he speaks for the entire UK when he says Donald Trump is not welcome to the UK.

Mr Trump has hundreds of thousands of supporters in the UK and thousands in the capital.

How dare Sadiq Khan attempt to inflict his intolerant views on the rest of the UK.