Please Take 5 Mins To Show Solidarity With Google’s Victim!

You’ll certainly remember the case…

….the Google jackboot stomping opinions that those who control their poisoned ‘fount of knowledge’ can’t bear to hear.

We wrote about it last year.

Good for Gab! Google’s Witch-Hunt Victim Gets New Job 

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James Damore, victim of Google witch-hunt!


Now here’s a little something you can do to show your solidarity with this good American.

It takes only a few minutes but you’ll go to bed tonight feeling better for having taken a step to applaud a martyr to a cause all patriots in every land believe in.

Here’s the background, from David Horowitz, 


I’m sure you’ve heard of James Damore by now. He’s the former Google employee that was fired after publishing a “diversity memo,” and he’s suing the company. 

Well, the facts that have come out since the lawsuit started show it’s a lot worse than any of us thought. 

According to Damore…

…Google openly encouraged hiring managers to discriminate against whites, men and conservatives. 


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And they booed white people and men at meetings, solely because of their race and gender. 

…last time I checked, treating people differently because of their skin color or gender was the definition of bigotry…but so far, the Left is getting away with it. 

I don’t think they should, and I know you don’t either. 

That’s why I’m asking you to sign this thank you card for James Damore for holding Google accountable. 

You see, in this day and age, it’s impossible to spread our message or promote our values without a presence online. That’s why I use Front Page Mag, Truth Revolt, and other outlets to expose the Left. 

But when Google — the company that controls our access to information — is so blatantly biased, it becomes impossible to get the truth out. 

That’s why James Damore’s lawsuit is so important, and why I’m personally thankful for his bravery. In fact, I honored James Damore at my annual Restoration Weekend in November.

Now, I’m asking you to honor James by signing this thank you card.

Please note, the illustrations above are not part of Mr. Horowitz’s appeal, but added by me to enhance the outrage we should be feeling.

However, no need to add further pictorial embellishments.

As he quite correctly concludes –

this isn’t just about Google.

It’s about the future of free speech and the open exchange of ideas — which is why this is one of the most crucial cases of our time. 

If Google is not held accountable, no one will be.

So please join me in thanking Damore for his courage, and add your signature to this thank you card.


I’m signing that message of goodwill right now.

NOT just because of what the Damore case reveals, but as a protest against the way Google has and is abusing its power…

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…as we’ve reported!

Please take five, and…